100% Buttercream Love!

Hi All!

I thought about writing this post to be a bit more specific about what we offer and why.

When The Guilty Pleasure – Cakes & Co. adventure started we considered offering a lot of amazing products and services, as Sara was very proud of her skills and she wanted to provide her clients with all the products she was able to bake.

After careful consideration, we decided to concentrate on what we really like and enjoy making!

In our list of products you won’t find fondant covered cakes (except for few wedding cakes with sugar flowers) or licenced character cakes. Of course we are able to make them, but we are TRULY, DEEPLY PASSIONATE about BUTTERCREAM CAKES and we don’t want to copy someone’s else idea (we really respect our colleagues and their hard work!).

We understand that you have an idea of how you would like your cake to be and that you may have a few pictures of the cake, however we will not make the exact replication, but will add our own twist. What the twist will be we will happily discuss with you. It is also impossible to get the exact same shade of colour pictured as there are many different brands of colour and climate also has an effect on the colours.

Our BIG LOVE is creating buttercream flowers cakes; these are elegant, complex but simple, romantic and truly define our style.

If the cake that you want is not in our portfolio, then do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to discuss what type of cake you want  and … MAKE IT HAPPEN!