Meet the baker

Hi! I’m Sara and I’m Italian. I come from the south of Italy, actually from Naples.

I grew up in a family where cooking was serious business. I remember the Sunday lunches at my grand-parent’s house, the wonderful aromas and the delicious desserts. Accompanying all the many traditions I grew up with, my mum taught me to be a near perfectionist. I have loved baking since I was a teenager. Mostly I baked traditional Neapolitan pastries, as we have a huge choice of treats for every season (by the way, see a selection of them in our menu). But last year my love for cake decorating exploded and since then I cannot stop baking and decorating what I have made! And I wouldn’t change a thing.

In the last 14 years my life has changed so many times, it brought me to France and Montecarlo for more than 5 years and then to the UK. I feel that I lived many lives in one life time and I have richly learnt from each experience I have had. I’ve been a Travel Agent, an Event Organizer, a PA, an Office Manager, and an Italian Teacher… but, at a certain point in my life, I felt something was missing. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, and I discovered that my creativity was impeded, so I signed up for a few courses at Le Cordon Bleu, such the Patisserie Techniques and the Cake Decorating Techniques. I also completed some courses to learn different decorating techniques with some well-known pastry chefs … and now here I am with my own business.

It hasn’t been easy, it’s still not easy, because as business owner (a one woman show!) I need to be a book-keeper, a marketing manager, a social media manager, a planner, a food and tools shopper, a photographer and so on, and at the same time I’m also a wife and the mum of a toddler. But I keep on going with no fear, with a big smile on my face and with a great passion for what I’m doing! When I’m not thinking “family”, my brain is switched onto “cake mode”, always thinking about my next project, a technique I want to try or increasing my range of products.

If you haven’t tried my products yet, you should! Once you have experienced my baking and my service you won’t go anywhere else for your parties! Everything at The Guilty Pleasure – Cakes & Co. is homemade, made with passion and topped with a pinch of Neapolitan verve!