Sharing my exciting news …

Hi all,

Just wanted to share some exciting news with you…

I’ve been chosen as a finalist by a panel of judges for a national business award!

The Mpower National Business awards recognises and celebrates the achievements of women throughout the UK who are successfully juggling the challenge of starting and growing a business with family life.

When I received the email yesterday morning, I couldn’t believe to what I was reading. My name was there, between the shortlisted in the “Self-Belief” category. I was beyond happy, and I still am. I know I haven’t won, but for a person that didn’t want even to enter the competition (as 100% sure I couldn’t have been even nominated for an award) is a huge achievement.

I’m going to the Gala with the aim to enjoy and share, with other mums in business, a beautiful evening of self-celebration!

Very often running and growing a business is difficult, with a family is even more difficult; we often feel tired, alone, but we can’t have any down moment, we always have to keep strong as there is no way to overcome difficulties that going through them.

The winners will be announced on June 29 at the Mpower Gala in Birmingham, but even if I won’t win the award, I’ll be enjoying every minute of that night!

Thank for reading my post and sharing in my exciting news!

Sara xx